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The bottlecap of a Snapple drink always have interesting and absolutely useless facts. I once read that a goldfish has a span of attention of about 2 seconds. I have concluded that I am the human equivalent of a goldfish.
Learn how to draw this goldfish.

When I was younger there was never a time that I could study for more than 30 straight minutes. Even if it meant just getting up for a drink of water. In my office, I’m the social butterfly. I get up every half hour or so to kibbitz. When I drive long distances, I believe in unlimited rest stops.

This has never bothered me. We all find our ways to get things done. If it takes me an extra half hour to get something done because of this, so be it. The reason that it now concerns me is that I’m planning to move my office to a locality where I will be alone. It will be me, my computer, my desk and my music. I’ve already decided that there is to be no television. The thought of it scares me. In college and in Law School, I learned to study at the library. The less to distract this human goldfish the better.

I will take a walk, weather permitting, everyday to the post office. I will use a friend’s office to meet clients. That will help the feeling of isolation. I’ve made certain concessions. I’m going to have the New York Times delivered. No more tabloids for me.

Most of all I’m going to miss people. I like having people around me. Although the relationships are for the most part superficial, they are necessary. There are some people who can sit at their desk all day and outside of business phone calls you never hear them. I could emotionally not financially live without a telephone, I don’t know how to get through a day without much human contact.




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