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Last week in this spot I claimed that I had experienced the trifecta of hell. Say Hallelujah!  I have seen the Devil and I have survived.  Can I have an Amen?

Motor Vehicle at one time was close to Hell.   Now it's only close to the Mall.  (Which by the way, can be considered Hell to me).

The Forest Hills Post Office will always have Hellish features to me.  Especially after having lost my Driver's License, then acting as if I had bothered them.  Oh all of you Cliff Clavin wannabes, watch out,  I'm going to write to the postal inspectors.  That should all but insure that I never receive another piece of mail.

Today, I may have topped those to places.  I challenge anybody to find anyplace worse than the Nassau County Social Services Department.   My client, who for reasons that will become obvious did not appear.

We're looking for Medicaid for a 90 year old woman, with dementia, one leg who screams about communism all day.  Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful Craig's List Ad.   Wait a minute!  It sounds like somebody that I dated.  This smells of conflict of interest.

I arrived at Social Services at 10:00.  Like any good Bakery I took a number.  I got 437.  They were up to 3.

Did you know that they have a concession stand at the welfare department?   At 10:00 A.M., single mothers, applying for welfare, are feeding their infants hot dogs.

The place was packed.  I got to listen to the single mother behind me curse at the sperm donor of her child.   I got to see a mother call her 6 month old a brat.

Everybody had i pods.  Many had i phones,  but those who didn't did have their own telephone.

There were very few men there.  I could only assume that these sperm donors were not contributing.

We waited for 3 hours before we saw a  caseworker,

I think that Medicaid can be a very good program.  I also think that the best way to avoid ever needing Medicaid or welfare, is to spend a day at your local Social Services Office,  I rather use the toilet at Shea. 



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