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 Why do I write?  Because I am going through a midlife crisis, and I can do this without guilt!

How can you have a midlife crisis at 50? Few males live to 100.   Calling it a late in life crisis sounds too depressing.  so I'll continue my state of denial and call it a midlife crisis.

I am an Attorney.  I hate being an Attorney.  I may be the worst Attorney in the world.   Then again I may be the best.  Why the contradiction, because I am not a prick!    To be a great Attorney you may have to be devoid of sympathy, compassion and anything else that separates us from the Republicans.   I am not devoid of these characteristics,  hence I am also not rich.  Oh,  I do a good job for my clients, it's just that I fail sometimes to do a good job for myself.

I am a New York, Liberal.  As you may have already guessed I grew up in a Woody Allen movie.   I am married to a very fine woman, but I don't know if I treat her as well as I should.  I am lazy,  I've always been lazy.  I believe "Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow."   Maybe writing will be cathartic, and I will change.

The combination of laziness and guilt is not good.   I still feel bad about not handing in my English essay to Mrs. Feldman 33 years ago.   I guess it's time to get over it.

Many questions occur to me.  I wonder if I'll be too lazy to continue this blog.   I wonder if anyone will care.   I wonder if Rodriguez can survive on $275,000,000.00.   I wonder who are the 9% who actually approve of Dick Chaney. He makes me long for the days of Spiro Agnew.   I wonder if Ann Coulter's parents are embarrassed.. I can see them walking around with a fake nose and glasses.

These and many other questions may be addressed as time goes on.   For now I'll leave you with a quote from my brother Groucho "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.  Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."

Hello, I must be going!




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