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Adapted from Mommyathome [ X] I've been to a drive-in movie theater.? [X ] I saw the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. [ ] I voted for (or could have) Ronald Reagan.? (Editorial Comment GOD NO) [] I was in a Christmas pageant in public school.  [ X] I remember what I was doing when John Kennedy died. [ X] I used to watch Star Trek during its original run.  [x] I know what 45 and 33-1/3 describes.? [x] I've ridden in cars that didn't have seat belts. [x] I used to watch Romper Room.  [ ] I belonged to Future Homemakers/Farmers/others of America. [ ] I've gone to an Elvis Presley concert. [ ] I own/used to own an 8-track player. [] I used to wear a hat, doily, or handkerchief on my head in church. [x ] I've bought a McDonald's cheeseburger for 18 cents. [x] I would go to sleep while or just after watching Johnny Carson. [x] I have watched a black and white television. [x] I have/used to have a leisure suit.[ ]] I've been to a tent revival. A what???(Said Mommyathome, I say Ditto) [ ] I attended Woodstock. No, but my brother had tickets, made it to within 15 miles of the site. [] I've been to a state fair and looked at the animal barns. Not in NYC. [ ] I could spin a hula-hoop around my middle, and my arm, leg and neck!. I was amazing at the hula hoop. (Not a chance in hell!) [ ] I've been spanked at school by a teacher/principal. I was bigger than him. [ ] I've been to a Cher concert. You've got to be kidding. [X ] I watched The Sonny and Cher Show during its original run.  [ ] I looked forward to hearing Guy Lombardo play "Auld Lang Syne." [x] I called adults "Sir" or "Ma'am." I still do. [x] I've had a smallpox vaccination. [x] I used to watch Dick Clark on American Bandstand [ ] I've been to a rodeo. a lot of Rodeos in Queens. Squirrel Roping. [ ] I've competed in a rodeo. [ ] I scheduled my evenings around Dynasty.  [ ] I am/was in a fraternity/sorority.  [ ] I've eaten breakfast at a Sambo's Restaurant. [ ] I had a poster of Farrah Fawcett on my wall/door. [ ] I had a crush on Ricky Nelson. [X ] I watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. I'm still in awe. [ ] I had an aluminum Christmas tree and a color-wheel lamp.  [ ] I have/had a fondue pot and use/used it. [x] I've used a rotary phone. [ ] I remember when African-Americans were called "colored people" in polite company. [ ] I've been to West Berlin before German reunification. [ ] I had a paper credit card. [] I played with a Water Wiggle. [ ] I danced all night to Donna Summer and Whitney Houston. NEVER [] i've driven/ridden in a Pacer. [ X] I've stayed up all night playing Risk. [x] I saw the original Star Wars movie in a theater. [ X] I've taken group showers with members of my junior/senior high school class. I played HS Basketball [ X] I remember when HIV was called HTLV-IV. [x] I watched The Simpsons when it was a short on The Tracy Ulman Show. [ ] I had to install MS-DOS on my computer before I installed Windows... [x] I have/had a Sony Walkman. [ ] I modeled my hair and clothes on people in Beverly Hills 90210. [x] I've played PacMan. [x] I (used to) put on a suit and tie/dress to go shop at the downtown department store. [ ] I saw Top Gun in the theater more than six times. [] I've read Rushdie's The Satanic Verses. [ ] I've used a Jane Fonda workout video. [x] I remember when Michael Jackson was black. [x ] I know who shot J.R. [ ] I owned a pet rock. [x] I have/had a Betamax VCR. [x] I had "all the way" sex before I was married and had to keep it secret. Partially true, No Guy kept it a secret very long. [ ] I burned a bra and/or draft card. [X] I've ridden in a double-decker bus.? [] I've ridden in the back window of my parents' car. [ ] I've edged the grass in a yard with hand clippers. [x] I had a television aerial outside my house. 

For the record I know that Paul McCartney had a group before wings.  I've seen Simon and Garfunkel (5 times) and The Who and Crosby,Stills and Nash.   I saw Mantle and Mays hit homeruns, and Seaver strike out 19.  I was at the 1969 (2 games), 1973 ( 1 game), 1999 (1 game), 2000 (2 games) and 2001 (1 game world series.

I've been to the championship game in Hockey 1983 Islanders over Oilers,  Basketball 1999 (Spurs over Knicks) and Baseball 1999 (Yankees over Braves)
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