jellomarx (jellomarx) wrote,

Who, What, Where, When and Why?

Who will Obama pick?  Now the rumor mill is saying John Edwards.  I like Edwards.  During the debates he remained focused and didn't take part in the pettiness.   Isn't he wasted at Vice President?  I think that he'd make a great Secretary of Labor.

What petty issues are the Republicans going to concentrate on this election?  I don't think Gay Marriage will work a second time.  Flag burning and English as the national language have never failed.  Those are very important issues, when we're at war, the economy is in a shambles and if the Supreme Court gets one more reactionary, Dred Scott might be reinstated.

Where are the key States?   Obama seems to have the Northeast (except maybe New Hampshire).  California, Oregon and Washington will go blue.  Concentrate on Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado and New Mexico.

When will we get out of Iraq?   If we're convinced that there will be a civil war whenever we leave.  It's better to leave sooner than later.  It's inevitable.

Why does anybody still pay attention to Jesse Jackson?  The man thinks of himself as Martin Luther King, but he's nothing more then Al Sharpton.

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