jellomarx (jellomarx) wrote,

The Rove Family Tree

AP and UPI recently reported that Karl Rove was not the first political operative in his family. In fact the family tree date back to prehistoric times. Many of Roves direct ancestors were Political Operatives.

Early signs of "Push-Polling" have been attributed to Grog Rove, when etchings were found on a cave. After years of deciphering, it has been determined that those Etchings say, "Would you vote for Ugh, if you found out that he was afraid of fire?" "I'm Grunt and I approve this message."

Evidence has also been uncovered in an archaeological dig near the base of what is believed to be Mt. Sinai of a campaign to unseat Moses as the leader of the Jews, by a man named Murray. This campaign had all the earmarks of a Rove style campaign with drawings of Moses shaking hands with Pharaoh and an accusation that when everyone else was eating unleavened bread, and keeping Kosher, Moses ate a bacon, lettuce and tomato on white.

Recently discovered evidence that there was a thirteenth apostle named Karl. Karl it seems may have run a campaign for Judas to replace Jesus. Advertisements from that time period were found with the question, "Would you vote for man who hangs out with Lepers?"
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