jellomarx (jellomarx) wrote,

Legally Blond Goes to Washington

I'm in Cape Cod.  This may be one of the most beautiful spots in the world.  My wife has a conference and I'm on my own.

We made sure that we were in our room to watch the debates last night.  It occurred to me that the Republicans had nothing to lose.  All she had to do is not sound like a complete fool.  

I thought that she was trying to flirt with the American Public.  To me it was "Legally Blond goes to Washington."

Democrats can't get away with a wink and a smile.  Can you imagine if Lyndon Johnson tried that?

Her facts were very often wrong,  She proved to have no knowledge of the Constitution,  Did anybody notice?

Biden did as well as could have been expected.  He wasn't smug,  he wasn't impolite, and he clearly has more knowledge.
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