jellomarx (jellomarx) wrote,

The Vice Presidential Debate

Tonight's debate will take on a slightly different format.  The Republican nominee, and  runner up in the Mrs Alaska pageant,  Sarah Palin.

The first question is for Mrs. Palin:  Who does your hair?

Mrs. Palin:  First of all, I'd like to thank Revlon for sponsoring this debate, and I think that beauty and makeup are under appreciated issues, for real!  My hair is done, by a wonderful gay man named Sean.  By the way, I have a very diverse group of family and friends, and I believe in equal rights for all of them, except only fundamentalist christians may marry.

Senator Biden how do you respond to that?

Senator Biden: I don't know how to respond to that, it has nothing to do with the issues facing the American people.

Mrs. Palin:  John McCain are ready to govern on day one.  That includes all issues that face the American people, including hair and make-up.  By the way when is the swimsuit competition?

Senator Biden,  Mrs. Palin can see Russia from her window.  How can your foreign policy experience possibly match that?

Senator Biden: I am the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Senate.

I mean, what can you see from your window?

Senator Biden:  An Oak Tree.

Mrs. Palin:  Clearly I can assist John McCain, more than Senator Biden can assist Barack Obama.  By the way,  I am prepared on day one to defend the United States against attacks from the Russians.  I recently told them that with a megaphone from my window.

Mrs. Palin you've been criticized because of your inability to name any important Supreme Court cases.  How do you respond?

Mrs. Palin: (wink, wink): Oh,  I'll have to get back to you on that.
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