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What McCain actually means.

There have been
a lot of misstatements attributed to the McCain camp. I think that they just misspoke. Listed below is a paraphrase of the statement, the actual fact and what he meant to say, so with the help of[info]cathy_edgett here is what hte campaign meant to say:


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1) Obama Will Raise Your Taxes
ACTUALLY : Obama's tax plan lowers taxes for almost all of the middle class - McCain is assuming Obama will repeal his own tax cuts once in office. factcheck.org
What they meant to say: McCain’s immigration plan is to lower Texas. Give it to the Mexicans. Obama is categorically opposed to this.

2) "Thanks, but no thanks" (repeated 36++ times)
ACTUALLY : Palin supported the Bridge, then opposed it, and kept the money for a bridge that won't be built. politifact.com
What they meant to say: The Bridge actually supported Palin. She needed Dental work.

3) Sarah Palin commands the Alaskan National Guard
ACTUALLY : Sarah Palin has next to no authority to command the National Guard - vetvoice.com
What they meant to say: She insists that her kids dress in military uniforms. She has more kids then there are soldiers in the Alaskan National Guard. Honest error.

4) McCain never asks for pork
ACTUALLY : Arizona keeps getting pork via McCain's influence. - politifact.com
What they meant to say: When the McCains eat with the Liebermans they never order Pork.

5) Obama agrees that the economy is fundamentally strong
ACTUALLY : Obama disagrees with McCain's foolish claim. - CNN PoliticalTicker
What they meant to say: That his mama agrees that the economy is fundamentally strong.

6) McCain's Campaign has no Connections to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac
ACTUALLY : John McCain flat lied - his lead campaign adviser Rick Davis took checks from Freddie Mac until August 2008. -
NY Times
What they meant to say: Honest error. He thought that they were the elderly homeless couple who sleep on a park bench outside of the Capital building.

8) Palin Rejected $500 million Earmarks
ACTUALLY : Palin pushed for federal earmarks as both Mayor and Governor. - MSNBC and The Washington Post and TPM
What they meant to say: She actually rejected $500.00 earrings that a supporter wanted her to wear to the debate. Good for her!

9) Obama is 'mum' on the economic crisis
ACTUALLY : Obama has offered a variety of proposals, but held off on a full bill because he didn't want to play politics with the economic crisis. - factcheck.org
What they meant to say: Obama’s nun is mum, and only a bum would run with such a nun who is mum.

10) Obama Supports Kindergarten Sex Ed
ACTUALLY : The bill (which never passed) supported warning Kindergartners about the danger of sexual abuse. - politifact.com
What they meant to say: He supports Sax Ed. He’s definitely in favor of teaching music.

11) Palin sold the Governor's jet on EBay
ACTUALLY : In a political stunt, Palin put the jet on eBay for much less than its worth - and it didn't sell. -
The Washington Post
What they meant to say: It was actually in the personal ads of Craigslist:é back. - Think Progress
What they meant to say: McCain once ate a Blackberry. He thought that it was too tart.

W4M Married Governor with 5 kids and a plane, seeking hot Alaskan man for tryst, will trade plane for the right man.

12) Obama gave big oil millions in subsidies
ACTUALLY : This claim has no basis - Obama subsidized alternative energies and taxed oil companies. - factcheck.org
What they meant to say: Obama paid too much at the pump.

13) Palin took on big oil
ACTUALLY : Palin only disagreed on where to place one pipeline, otherwise she supports ANWR drilling and other disastrous policies. - factcheck.org
What they meant to say: She thought that construction would ruin her view of Russia.
14) Palin visited troops in Iraq
ACTUALLY : Palin grandstanded on a US base in Kuwait, but never quite made it over to Iraq. - The Boston Globe
What they meant to say: Palin visited her father in Idaho. Her father supports the troops.

15) McCain Tried to Reform Freddie and Frannie
ACTUALLY : McCain only showed his support for a report on Fannie/Freddie corruption - and his campaign aides lobbied for both, working for deregulation. - The New York Times and DKos
What they meant to say: Again he thought that they were referring to the elderly homeless couple.

16) Obama is advised by the former CEO of Freddie Mac
ACTUALLY : Obama only spoke with the Freddie head once, on the phone. John McCain's campaign adviser was taking checks from Freddie until August '08. - liecount.com
What they meant to say: He once saw Obama give change to Bernie a homeless friend of the elderly couple.

17) Obama wants to bomb Pakistan
ACTUALLY : Obama merely supported taking action against Osama bin Laden when the US knows where he is, using special forces troops. - The New Republic
What they meant to say: As a teenager he got bombed at a Pakistani bar.

18) Obama opposes all free trade
ACTUALLY : just a plain lie - Obama supports free-trade with significant protections for workers and the environment. - liecount.com
What they meant to say: Obama a lifetime Cubs fan as a child knew that they shouldn’t trade Lou Brock.

19) Obama asked for a million $ a day in pork
ACTUALLY : Fuzzy math. - liecount.com
What they meant to say: He overpaid at a Chinese Restaurant.

20) "23,000 People at our rallies"
ACTUALLY : No one knows where this number came from. It appears to be a fabrication. - BloombergWhat they meant to say: We gave away Sarah Palin Bobblehead dolls.

21) "McCain invented the Blackberry"
ACTUALLY : McCain voted against the law making the Blackberry and similar devices possible. Give Al Gore his clich


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Oct. 7th, 2008 04:17 pm (UTC)
This is GREAT and I was no help. This is your creation and has me laughing and roaring out loud. Thank you for giving us humor amidst the mess.

We have comedy night at the Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley every Tuesday night. You should be there. :)
Oct. 7th, 2008 04:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks. I x-posted it on politicsforum. The conservatives have stayed away.
Oct. 7th, 2008 04:34 pm (UTC)
Laugh out loud!! You are a kick!! :)
Oct. 7th, 2008 04:36 pm (UTC)
I woke up. Said it's a beautiful morning, let's piss off some conservatives!
Oct. 7th, 2008 04:48 pm (UTC)
LOL again. You are a one-man entertainment center. I love it!!
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