jellomarx (jellomarx) wrote,

God's further conversation with Moses

On February 3, 2008, God had a Conversation with Moses.

Last night they met again.

M: Nice going God, who knew that you were a Tampa Bay fan.

G: Well my thought was this, I don't like Bookies, so I had some people place bets for me before the season at 50,000 to 1. I'll clean up and the bookies will be wiped out.

M: So you fixed the Playoffs.

G: That's such an ugly word.

M: What happens if they don't pay.

G: Not pay God, I don't think so.

M. People have been doing it throughout history.

G: And, I've been punishing them. You've heard about the flood and the Tower of Babel. More recently I made them have eight years of George W. Bush. By the Way, I also made them sit through the English Patient.

M: Oh, so that was your idea.

G: I called you here for a reason. I need you to take Jesus for some drinks again.

M: Not again. We always end up at a Leper Colony.

G: Stop picking on him. It's tough on a kid being born out of wedlock.

M. Can't you find somebody else? What about Mohammad?

G: He's laid up with a bad back. He tried to move Everest.

M: All right, but can you ask him not to describe the wine as his blood. It a real turnoff with the women.

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