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The After Hours

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I just visited Bennington, Vermont. The streets of Bennington are decorated with mannequins that are so lifelike people were going up to them to ask directions.
This reminded me of a Twilight Zone episode called “ The After Hours.”

An Express train from Grand Central Station, NY carrying a couple about to embark on a vacation.

Dennis Zisk and his wife Gloria, a couple traveling to New England to experience the change of seasons, decide to stop in a lovely City, over the Vermont border, known as Bennington. During a relaxing stroll through the town, they notice the lifelike mannequins standing on almost every street. Later that night Dennis is having trouble sleeping, he decides to take a walk.

He noticed that the mannequins, that had been there just hours ago were gone. The streets were crowded, the bars were packed. He asked an Police officer what had happened to the mannequins. The Policeman looked at him with a barren stare, and tells him that there were no mannequins. He becomes distraught when he realizes that the officer looks exactly like one of the mannequins. He sits to rest on a bench on a street corner and suddenly realizes that the City is empty. He attempts to find is way back to the hotel, and becomes alarmed by mysterious voices calling to him and by some subtle movements made by the supposedly lifeless mannequins that have suddenly reappeared.

He starts to run, but wherever he goes, he’s greeted by another mannequin. He then suddenly discovers that he, too, is a mannequin. Gloria awakens at seven A.M. to realize that Dennis never returned. She goes searching for him past all of the mannequins. she doesn’t notice that there was a new mannequin, one who looked exactly like Dennis.

Dennis Zisk in his now normal and natural state. A wooden man with a painted face who, at night, takes on the characteristics of someone as normal and as flesh and blood as you and I. But it makes you wonder, doesn't it? Just how normal are we? Just who are the people we nod our hellos to as we pass on the street? A rather good question to ask, particularly in the Twilight Zone.



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