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New Year's Day

Today is New Year's day.   What do we traditionally do on this day?

I could make New Year's Resolutions.   I resolve not to publish any New Year's resolutions.  Why?  Everybody makes them.   By the middle of January, most are broken.    Ergo,  since they are personal in nature, and the only judge as to whether I truly succeed is me,  I'll keep them to myself.    That way if I succeed, I will truly have earned my sense of satisfaction.

I could watch football.   I am a sports fan, but football has always bored me.  I sometimes find myself rooting for the Giants to lose so that I don't feel compelled to watch them.

My dear friend has season tickets to the Jets.  In 30 years, he has convinced me to go twice.   If there is a hell for me it is at the Meadowlands. Outside of my friends company, I see no appeal of sitting with upwards of 50,000 drunken people in freezing weather.  It takes forever to get there and to get home.   The bathrooms are not usable.  And I see no appeal in tailgating.   Amendment on earlier statement,  I resolve to never go to a football game again!

I suppose that some people are sleeping off a hangover.  My New Year's Eve celebration consisted of watching a rerun of Paul Simon  receiving the Gershwin award on PBS.   It was a great show.  I highly recommend it.

My wife is working, maybe I'll go see a movie.    So maybe my life is not so exciting,  but it's my life, it's how I choose to live it.   I will resolve to accept that fact and do my best to enjoy it in 2008.

Happy New Year!



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