jellomarx (jellomarx) wrote,

West Wing Story Part 9 Senator Maverick

Sung to the tune of Officer Krupke

Dear lovely Right Wing Annie,
I need for you to speak,
He's kicked us in the fanny
The outcome sure looks bleak.
Sarah called him lefty,
Of hope we bereft.
Annie Coulter, what have we got left!

Mav and Reps
Gee, Barack Obama, you’ve really made us fools;
We never thought we’d lose to the party of mules.
We resorted to defamation,
This time it didn’t work.
To the voters we are really Jerks!

We are Jerks!

We are Jerks, we are Jerks,
You see that nothing works!
We need help, cause nothing really works!

Rove: (Spoken) It’s too early to give up.

Mav: (Spoken) Who shall I turn to?

Rove: Just tell it to Hannity.

Dear Right wing, Mr. Hannity,
The Press is so unfair.
With such a left wing bias,
I haven’t got a Prayer.
The far right is too pious,
Now my campaign is a flop.
My friend, Sean! This has got to stop!

Sean: Right!

Senator Maverick, are you kidding me?
Just keep avoiding the issues, and they’ll plainly see!
That he’s just a socialist with terrorist ties.
Don’t tell the truth, keep telling lies!
Keep telling lies!

We will lie, we will lie,
Tell a bold faced lie,
Like the great O’Reilly we will Lie.

Sean: (Spoken) In the opinion of the self proclaimed judge of who is a Great American, you are a Great American.

Mav: (Spoken) Hey, I got Hannity’s endorsement.

Rove: So take him to O’Reilly.

Mav (Sings)
I can’t play family values, it isn’t gonna work,
My campaign is in trouble.
My Running Mate’s a jerk,
He’ll leave us in the rubble.
The voters are berserk,
My friend Bill O. tell me what to?

O’Reilly: Yes!
Senator Maverick, just follow my lead.
You chose Governor Palin, now let her go breed.
Remember we’re balanced over at Fox,
And if all else fails we’ll stuff the Ballot Box!

We’ll stuff the Box!

We’ll stuff the Box, we’ll stuff the Ballet Box,
We’ll stuff the Box, Box, Box,
We’ll listen to them all at Fox!

Rove: In my opinion, this Senator don't need the second team. He needs Rush!

Mav: Hey, I’m going to Rush!

Dear omniscient right wing leader,
They say I’m in the dump. I sent Sarah to the breeder,
Just to get a bump.
I’ll concentrate on swing states,
That’s what all agreed.
Ronald Reagan! Please don’t make me plead!

Senator Maverick, just stick to the right.
I guarantee, my friend that he won’t put up a fight.
You should have listened to me, cause you knew where I stood;
Just try to convince them he’s from the Hood!

He’s from the hood!

He’s from the hood, he’s from the hood!
Not our neighborhood!
Different from us, we are good!

The trouble is he's lefty.

He’s not good at being untruthful.

The trouble is he's not hefty.

He’s also far from youthful.

The trouble is he's failin’.

So next time we’ll run Palin.

Maverick, we got troubles of our own!

Gee, Senator Maverick,
You’ve blown your last chance,
It might have helped, had you known a little ‘bout finance.
Gee, Senator Maverick, We’re done with you now.
Gee, Senator Maverick,
Just say chow!
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