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West Wing Story Part 10. Final Scene

The final scene takes us to an unlikely cabal. It appears that there has been a conspiracy to sabotage the Mav campaign so Sarah can run in 2012 and then her unlikely co-conspirator in 2020 for the Democrats.

A man like that who beat your mother,
Don’t aim for 12, they’ll be another,
Soon it’ll be your time,
12 is my time!

A man like that will be renominated,
His followers are predominated,
Wait for your own time,
Soon will be your time!

A man who’s left I can defeat,
A man who’s left has no chance.
And he's the man that I will beat
I saw that at first glance.
Wait your turn, Chelsea, wait your turn!

A man like that is not a phony,
You’ve yet to see the best of my baloney.
He'll be the choice;
then he’ll be mine.
You wait there’s time,
Just wait, Chelsea,
You wait there’s time!

Oh no, Sarah, no,
Sarah, no!
It isn't true, we’ll not wait.
12 is for my mother, 20 is too late.
You knew the deal
You’ll keep your word
You know you’re wrong,
We’re too strong, Sarah,
We’re too strong
Don’t cross my Pop
We’re too strong
He’ll see you drop,
After you I’ll have a date
In 28. One thing I know:
You’ll never win
Your credentials are too thin.
I don't think you want Dad as a foe,
Go on a book tour, you’ll make enough dough.

A man like that, etc.
Wait your turn, Chelsea, wait your turn!

Oh no, Sarah, no,
You had better know better!
You are the Gov.- that’s what I’ve read.
You had better know better . . .

I have a plan, and it's well established.
Mom wins in 12, 20 is for you.
We had a plan, we have a deal,
It’s not yours to steal
It’s yours in 20.
I have a plan, and it's gonna work,
When you run then, we’ll lay off you plenty.
We’ve agreed, it’s a pact;
Just stay on tract,
You had better leave this deal intact
You’re time will come, it’s in the cards,
Don’t treat us now with no regards
Or you’ll regret it all your life!

With a deal so strong,
It can’t be wrong,
My time will come before long.



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