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The Secret life of Jello Marx


                                                                                                   Close the window, calm the light
                                                                                                              And it will be all right
                                                                                                            No need to bother now
                                                                                                            Let it out. let it all begin

                                                                                                             Learn how to pretend

Boz Scaggs "We're All Alone"

Walter Mitty had a secret life. So do most of us.

Mine started when I graduated from Harvard with honors. Although its unusual, but not unprecedented for an Ivy Leaguer to be drafted by professional sports teams, I was drafted by the Yankees, the Knicks and the Islanders. I told the Islanders that I couldn't give them a commitment, because along with playing Professional Basketball and Baseball I was going to study Law in my spare time.

My boyhood hero on the Knicks, "Dollar Bill" Bradley, had recently retired from Basketball to go into politics. In the back of my mind I had something to strive for. The My Hero Project - Bill Bradley

After having Hall of Fame careers in both sports, and leading the Knicks to their first championship since 1973. I decided it was time to move on. Although I still get a thrill seeing the videotape of me dunking over Michael Jordan in the semifinals.

Since I didn't need any money I volunteered to work for the ACLU. This left me time to work with Vice President Gore to help educate people about global warming.

Just last week, Senator Bradley told me that the Democrats are considering drafting me to run for President. I said only if he would be my running mate. He agreed. So Nobel Prize in hand, I told Bruce Springsteen that I couldn't go on tour with him and started my campaign. I let you know in November how it turns out.

                          And so you and I
          We'll watch our years go by
         We'll watch our sweet dreams fly
         Far away, but maybe someday

            I don't know when
         But we will dream again
        And we'll be happy then
         Till our time just drifts away

Harry Chapin "Dreams Go By"




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