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Environmental Protection Agency

The Environmental Protection Agency came into existence under President Nixon on December 2, 1970. The EPA is responsible for the environmental policy of the United States.

The EPA was assigned the task of repairing the damage already done to the natural environment and to establish new criteria to guide Americans in making a cleaner, safer America.

Under the Bush administration the EPA has relied less on scientist and more on nonscience personnel. With the following results:

1) On March 2, 2008 the Federal Governmenr reported that the air in hundreds of U.S. counties was simply too dirty to breathe, ordering a multibillion-dollar expansion of efforts to clean up smog in cities and towns nationwide.

2) In July 2005, an EPA report showing that auto companies were using loopholes to produce less fuel-efficient cars was delayed. The report was supposed to be released the day before a controversial energy bill was passed and would have provided backup for those opposed to it, but at the last minute the EPA delayed its release.

3) In June 2005, a memo revealed Philip Cooney a former lobbyist for the American Petroleum Institute and the former chief of staff for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, had personally edited documents, summarizing government research on climate change, before their release. One week after resigning he took a job at Exxon Mobil in their public affairs department.

4) The Supreme Court ruled on April 2, 2007 in Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency that the EPA has the authority to regulate the emission of greenhouse gases in automobile emissions.
Jason K. Burnett, former EPA deputy associate administrator, told the United States Congress that an official from Vice President Dick Cheney's office censored congressional testimony by Julie L. Gerberding, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Reportedly, the testimony excluded said that "CDC considers climate change a serious public health concern."

There’s more. This information was taken directly from the WikiPedia Article on the EPA.


It appears that this one time “Watch dog agency” has become a tool to implement the administration’s careless and callous environmental policy.

Since 2006 the Democrats have been in the majority in both the Senate and the House. Have there been any hearings. Has there been any oversight.

The administration is self-serving and quite dangerous. The Congress is incompetent.


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Nov. 16th, 2008 02:09 am (UTC)
I practice Real Estate and Elder Law. It's amazing I'm far from Nistradamus, but seeing these subprrime mortgages first hand, I said that this would be a disaster. I don't know how anybody in the industry missed it.
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