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The Slugger

He had quite a reputation as a skilled batsman. Just like any Home run hitter, he also struck out very often.

Today he would be facing a pitcher with quite a reputation for strike outs. In fact it was rumored that nobody had ever taken this crafty hurler deep. The first time that they faced each other he had struck out looking. He vowed that would not happen again.

They were scheduled for a day/night doubleheader. The night game was scheduled at the pitcher’s park. The day game he would be hosting. He was proud of his prowess with his Louisville Slugger. He swore that if he didn’t knock it out of the park, that he would sit out the night game.

His first at bat came early in the game. But the dodgy southpaw threw him a curve ball and he was thrown out at first base. He realized that there would be more chances this day. He knew that if he could only get to first base, he could try to steal second. From second a sly veteran like him, should be able to score easily.

They faced each other later in the park. The pitcher threw a hanging curve, and to his surprise it was an easy single. He was having trouble with the signs. Should he try to steal second base? The hurler had a reputation of having very tough pick off move.

He stepped off of the base. His lead increased. The pitcher didn’t seem overly concerned. He took off. Before he knew it he was slapped with the tag on the hand. He was out at second. He wouldn’t give up. They would face each other at least two more times.

The next time up he hit a line drive double. He was finally at second base. He’d never stop there. He thought I made it to second, third will be easy. But, what he didn’t know was that the pitcher had received word from the manager, not to let him take third. He would be picked off as soon as he stepped off of second.

It would be his last at bat. They were at his home field. He didn’t want to hit his first dinger off this sly hurler at a foreign ballpark. He had to hit it out of his ballpark. So on a 3-2 count in the bottom of the ninth, with 2 outs, the pitcher starts to get ready. The pitcher looks at the rubber. Throws the pitch. He hits it deep, but it’s still in the ballpark. With speed the pitcher had never seen before he was rounding the bases. He ran right through the coaches stop sign at third. A perfect throw would nail him at the plate. He’s out. Any scoring he did that day was premature and limited to batting practice.



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