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Twas a Month left of W

'Twas the month left of W, and all through the nation
All the citizens were hoping, he’d take a vacation;

The subpoenas were issued and Cheney was nervous,
He knew that likely he would be the first presented with service;

The cabinet was planing to write tell all books,
The thoughts of making millions appealed to these crooks;

And mamma in her pearls, and Papa on has boat,
Had almost begun to regret their vote,

When out in garden came a loud gobble gobble.,
The Turkeys he pardoned were having a squabble.

Alas with all haste he reached for the hot line,
It’s time for the decider to step up and shine.

“The banks are all crumbling, I can do nothing about that
But when Turkeys are grumbling, I’ll step up to bat.”

Just then he’s approached by Autos big three,
would he please make a last executive decree,

“Our businesses are failing, we’re not doing too well,
It’s more than likely we will be sharing a jail cell.”

They were hoping that W, would then be their savior,
And pardon them all for their misbehavior;

"First, Libby! now, Rumsfeld and Vice President Cheney
soon Rove and Gonzalez this isn’t that Brainy!”

“What’s in it for me? Am I to be spared?
The Lord looks out for me, so I won’t be scared!”

So the big three would be granted a Presidential Pardon,
“I’ll do it tomorrow, in the Rose Garden.”

So the next day he called in the News crew from Fox,
And said, “there is nothing, I can do about stocks.”

“The crash was the fault of the Left Wing agenda
I’ve little time left, in this hacienda.” .

As Hannity stood to agree with the notion,
O’Reilly stood up and raised a new motion.

“Mr President,” said he, “my viewers are disturbed,
This war Christmas has got to be curbed;’

And W he squinted as if lost in a thought,
“How can I ease this great man’s distraught.”

“I’ve got it, I’ll issue an Executive Order.
So please everybody, turn on your recorder!”

“All are forbidden to use any other greeting,
then Merry Christmas upon a December meeting.”

They stood and applauded the mans swift reaction.
He had already finished reading, My Pet Goat, hence there was no distraction;

“I’m here with a purpose.” He said with a smile.
“The big three have been pardoned. There’ll be no mug file.”

He was happy of course, for this is when he’s at his best.
Keeping corporate criminals from facing arrest.

“My work here is finished, my time is at hand.
I think that we’ve done all that we planned.”

“We’ve started a war, for no reason at all,
And the rich all got richer, I’ve been having a ball.”

And with that he left us all for the night,
to sit and to ponder the rest of our plight.

And soon this great house will have a new resident,
who’ll spend a great deal of time cleaning up after this President.

And George will retire with Barbara to Texas,
And after all of this, he’s driving a Lexus.


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Dec. 7th, 2008 04:23 pm (UTC)
This reminds me of the book Good Night Bush. Have you seen it?

It is a wonderful parody of Good Night Moon and is worth searching out if you haven't seen it.

Well-done, like this, and sad, too. How could such a nincompoop have been elected, and now sanity steps back in.
Dec. 7th, 2008 04:28 pm (UTC)
I haven't seen it, but I'll look for it. It;s very cold here. It may be a good day to relax at B&N with a book and a hot chocolate.
Dec. 7th, 2008 05:03 pm (UTC)
Yes, it is a perfect book to relax with in B&N with hot chocolate. You can read it quickly, obviously, though it is fun to have at home so you can continue to enjoy the pictures.

Look closely. The book is incredibly clever!

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